Back to Work

Thursday and Friday I spent most of my minutes at school moving furniture and getting ready for the new school year.  I was able to reflect on some gratefuls.

  • strong arms
  • and legs
  • and a stronger husband
  • a job that’s fun
  • and never dull
  • new toys
  • old books
  • windows with a view
  • new friends

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Sprinkler Days!

We had some friends over Wednesday.  The younger kids had fun in the sprinkler.  They chased the water, dumped cups, “painted” the fence, jumped over water, pretended to be forest rangers, sneaked a few jumps on the wet trampoline, and more.


These photos reminded me of some more sprinkler shots we took earlier this summer.

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Six Flags

Day 71 was an end of summer trip to Six Flags.  Our elementary school participates in a program that rewards reading with tickets.  Sis reminded me when she got hers in May that she has never been to Six Flags.  Ugh.  Every year they do the reading.  Every year I run out of time and money before we go.  I promised her that we would go this year.  Tuesday I kept my promise.

Darling Husband took a vacation day so he could ride all the roller coasters with Sis.  She loves roller coasters.  The faster the better.  The twistier the better.  The scarier the better.  Not me.  I was glad to have DH along!

I declared that we would make an easy day of it.  We left a just before 9:00.  We stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast.  I had packed a cooler with chips and water and fruit and cookies.  When we got close to the amusement park we stopped at Walmart for some deli sandwiches.  It was already HOT.  Really hot.  We were sweating before we made it to the gates.  And we parked very close. (That five bucks to upgrade parking was worth it!)

DH and Sis rode one roller coaster before we caved to the heat and headed for the water park side.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves for the rest of the day there!  Sis brought a friend and they played and played in the wave pool.  Mem thought he was as big as the girls and got in the big waves several times.  Scared me, but never scared him.  We ran and played and laughed and had a blast.  I was a sunscreen nazi and amazingly we all survived mostly unburned.

Here are a few highlights from the day.

  • DH, Sis and E screaming on the Tornado
  • hot hot hot feet
  • a new pair of trunks for Bub
  • lots and lots and lots of refills for soda and Powerade
  • flying down the bumpy slide
  • the kiddie pool
  • the spray from the big bucket
  • baptizing Mem in the wave pool
  • a picnic in the car
  • ice cream at Chik-fil-a
  • juicy strawberries
  • the neck massage waterfall
  • best friends necklaces and feathers for hair
  • happily falling asleep in the car

Our only photos from the day.

Mem and Scooby Doo

The Girls and Tweety Bird

I’m glad I kept my promise.

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Catching Up

Day 70 of Summer was a day of catching up.

I worked to catch up laundry, floors, dishes, and more and more and more… I didn’t actually catch up, but I did try.

I tried to catch up a few blog days. I  even read a few posts from friends.

I laid down for a little bit and caught up on some zzzzzzs.

We even went for a family run and tried to catch up with Memmy and Sissy and Bubby.  I didn’t catch up to them either.

Maybe I’ll catch up some more another day….

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Fun in the Son

After VBS our church hosts a “Fun in the Son Day.”  It’s a free lunch and chance to play in some water.  We never want to miss it!  This year was as good as ever.  Here are a few photos of the kids on the waterslide.


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Big Kids Only

Day 68 of Summer was a Big Kids Only Day.  Sissy and Memmy spent the night with some friends, freeing up DH and I for Date Night.  We had planned over a month ago to have a Date Night and then even a Date Day and pick the kids up late in the afternoon.  Plans changed.  And changed.  And changed again.  Such is life with family.  Instead we spent the evening enjoying the end of Aunt Laurie and Family’s visit.  And got in a few snuggles with new Baby E.

The next day was Tiggy’s softball tournament about an hour and a half from home.  DH and I decided it would be fun to go to the games with just Bub!  How nice to have time together with just one kid.  We thought we would spend the morning watching Tiggy’s games, then find something to do that Bub picked.  Again, plans changed.

The ride up was uneventful.  Good conversation and questions about the music on the radio.  Bub is developing a love for classic rock and I couldn’t be happier!  We got to Tiggy’s game and it was HOT.  It felt like walking through hot butter with all the heat and humidity.  As I sat there sweating I realized that I had forgotten to bring a change of clothes.  Oops!  How could I know that I would soon really wish I had remembered!

Tiggy’s team played a fabulous game!  They work very well together.  I’m always impressed by their teamwork.  Tiggy had a triple down the third base line that was beautiful.



Ready for a fly ball

The Tornados won the first game!  We had to wait a game before the next one.  Bub and DH went to a nearby hunting store while I clipped coupons in the air-conditioned car.  By the time we got back to the ball field, the temperature was 100 degrees.

And then there was a breeze.  And some clouds. And just after the second game started, a downpour.  I haven’t seen rain like this yet this summer.  It poured and poured and blew and blew and poured.  We were soaked through.  We waited to see if the games would restart for a while under a canopy.  With about 20 other people.  Many of them holding down the canopy.  I think the canopy belonged to the complex, but we weren’t sure.  We hated to let it go, knowing it would blow away in a minute.

It really was fun in the rain.  There was that camaraderie that comes with a bunch of people being crammed in a small space with a common goal.  We laughed as hard as the rain.  If it hadn’t been so windy and wet I might have been brave enough to get the camera out to capture some of the silliness.  (When I did open the camera bag, water did run out.  Luckily all was well.)

When the tournament was called, we finally gave up and let it go.  I didn’t even turn around to see.  Completely soaked, I just walked back to the car.  Luckily I had a blanket we could dry off with a little.  Tiggy bailed on his mom and decided to ride home with us.  Next stop? Target.  I ran in Target to buy dry shirts for the boys.  I bought myself a complete change of clothes – down to underclothes!  I have to admit the guy checking us out asked a few questions.  I headed straight to the women’s room to change.  Ahhhhh.  Dry clothes.

When everyone was dry we searched for a place to eat a very late lunch.  Food tasted great after all that craziness.  It was fun to sit at lunch and talk ball with the big boys.  My kids are funny.  Sarcastic funny.  Dry funny.  To hear Tig and Bub go back and forth is hilarious.  Add Tig’s disability to the sarcasm and you get some funny stuff!  Those boys keep me on my toes, never quite sure what is a joke and what is a slam!

After all that we really didn’t have time to go anywhere else before picking up the little kids.  We headed south.  Along the way I decided we could just drop in at a winery I had visited with my girlfriends.  Surely picking up the kids a little late could be forgotten for the gift of a bottle of wine, right?

The view as you arrive

We picked up a bottle of wine and some Coke and headed down to the Cave.  The winery has seating inside and actual cave.  It is amazing and beautiful.  I was excited to show them.  By this time they were mostly dry so a little walk wasn’t so bad.

Love these guys!

The rain had really cooled the day.  Everything was so green and fresh and beautiful.  We found a table near the entrance.  There was a man playing music.  We were just in time to hear his last few songs.  He played The Beatles! I love love love The Beatles.  And so does Bub.  We were being plenty silly and singing along.

The view from our table


My mini-me

We just stayed a few minutes.  We packed plenty of memories into our unexpected stop.

Plans change and change and change.  Lucky us!

Good Times!

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Always Learning

I’ve learned a few things this week

  • July is HOT
  • spicy mustard is really spicy
  • jogging for 90 seconds is harder than it sounds
  • eating breakfast before walking/jogging in July is a must
  • however spicy mustard would not be a good breakfast choice
  • moms get tired too
  • and cranky
  • waking up for school is going to be a challenge
  • for all of us
  • especially Memmy
  • there are over 10 days of summer left
  • no time for cranky!

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