About Amy

Welcome!  This is a blog for me to quickly and easily record memories for myself and my children while at the same time keeping my family and friends updated on the comings and goings of our busy family.  Papa Bear and I have a blended family with his (Tiggy who is 20) hers (Bubby who is 12) and ours (Sissy who is 9) and ours (Memmy who is 5).  I have always wanted to add a theirs or two but we haven’t yet…  Here’s a copy of one of my first posts on this blog to give you an idea on where I am coming from.

Published Summer 2008 – Have Fun.  Be Good.  These words sum up my outlook on motherhood (and daughterhood).  In one way or another this was always the message conveyed to me by my mother as I left the house for school, work, friend’s houses, grandma’s, and everywhere.  It translates as get the most out of life – have fun!  Enjoy, explore, try new stuff, do stuff you like…And then there’s the “be good.”  That one reminds me to be aware of what’s best for me and the people around me, be respectful, kind, ethical, nice…

These words have become my tag-line as a mom.  As they go to school in the morning:  A quick hug or kiss if I can manage it, then “I love you,” then as they are almost out the door, “Have fun, and be good!”  Almost everytime I leave them, this is the parting!

So, this blog, a way to keep in touch and log some memory is titled “Have fun.  Be good.”


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