I’ve been reminded lately that I am way overdue to record some gratefuls.  While I certainly pause to think on-the-fly of all my blessings, there is something greater about recording them here.  unfortunately it has been so long since I blogged that the format has changed.  I just typed a lovely message and lost it all.  Therefore, I am now typing the abbreviated version without all the flowery sentiment.  Oh well.

I am grateful for two birthdays and two boys growing older, wiser, stronger.  I am grateful that my 14-year-old boy and my 7-year-old boy are awesome little men.  I am grateful for the changes of fall – and the reminder that change isn’t so bad after all.  I am grateful for pumpkin guts, Halloween costumes, chocolate candy, spiced desserts and cozy sweats.  I am grateful that I have a husband of whom I’m proud.  A husband that makes time for me.  A husband that reminds me many times a day that he loves me “so much.”  I’m grateful for a day to catch up, clean up, and cuddle up.  I’m grateful for a day that I watched 4 kids and a dog play outside for long time and enjoy each other’s company.  They played long enough for me to watch, wonder, then grab the camera.  They kept playing.  They played so long that they came in because they were cold and tired and not because anyone cried or threw a fit!  I’m grateful for a great day.


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November 5, 2011 · 4:32 pm

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