A Good Good Day

My facebook status Saturday night summed it up perfectly.  “What a good good day!” Saturday was a good good day.

I have to admit that I was concerned that it wouldn’t be a good day at all.  We were leaving early in the morning.  Challenging for this crew.  We were meeting the family of one of DH’s high school buddies.  DH tends to get a little uptight about timeliness… Not always a realistic quality with a teenager, an easily distracted tween and “morning-challenged” six-year-old.  Add to that a wife that likes to “roll with it.”  Amazingly we left only 30 minutes after he wanted to.  No meltdowns.  (Though I did put Memmy’s shoes on like four times before giving up.  He walked sock-footed to the car.)  Secretly, I think he padded his “I-wanna-leave-by” time… He is getting smarter!

On the way we stopped for McDonald’s breakfast.  The food was right!  Everyone liked and ate what they got.  Whew.  Again the potential for meltdown was high.  Again, calmness prevailed!  Good good day!

So far, so good.  I was still a little worried about the day.  DH and his buddy B planned the trip. Something about two men planning a double family outing scared me a little.  We were headed to the zoo and a baseball game on one of the hottest days of the year…

Amazingly our happy day continued as we arrived at the zoo without incident.  We even found a parking place “on the end” in no time!  We piled out, remembered the zoo cups and the sunscreen, and began the adventure.  The zoo was awesome.  Not crowded.  All the kids picked an animal or two and we saw them all!  Even some bonus animals for the grown-up kids.

As we wandered over to say hello to the vultures and bald eagle we learned it was Vulture Awareness Day.  Mem was SOOOO excited! He loves all things animals.  Not too long ago he went through a birds of prey phase.  He LOVES vultures.  Nature’s Clean-Up Crew!  He had a chance to chat vulture with the keepers, color a vulture feather, gather some handouts and measure his own arms alongside a vulture’s wingspan.  Good good day!

The rest of the day at the zoo was too fun.  It has been a year since we saw B and his family.  It was good to see them and share some laughs.  The kids have all grown so much!  We managed to find a table for 9 at lunch, secure 4 train seats in a row with ease, and see tons of cool animals.  We saw hippos, penguins, tigers, apes, Mem’s favorite horses from Somalia, bears, toco toucan, hyacinth macaw, (We are fresh from a Rio binge.) elephants, flamingos and so much more!  We even managed to leave the zoo within 30 mintues of DH’s scheduled leave time again! This time he was a little edgy so I’m not sure he padded the time like he did in the morning.  But, still, no meltdowns.

We made it to the game in time to get our free gifts, find out seats, hit the bathrooms, and get just a little bored before the first pictch.  It was an exciting game and our team won!  I sat between Mem and Bub and thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with “my boys” for the afternoon.  When we got to the game it was still very hot.  Amazingly our seats were in the shade.  After a bit it started to rain.  Again, our good good day continued as our seats were covered and dry.  The rain cooled the day and we enjoyed the rest of the game in comfort.  We enjoyed nachos and cotton candy and lots of water!  We saw some great hits and awesome catches.

After the game and a stop at Build-a-Bear, we met up with Tiggy and were off to dinner.  We went to a cool restaurant that has the best root beer.  Plus, the soda is bottled right on the premises.  I was just as mesmerized as the little people watching the bottles get poured and capped and mixed and labeled.  Very cool.  And the food was great! Good good day!

On the way home, the younger two were asleep by within 10 minutes.  Followed soon after by DH and Bub.  Only Tig and I managed to stay awake all the way home, savoring the last bits of our good good day.


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