Worn Out

I am worn out.  We only had two actual school days last week and I am exhausted.

It’s a different kind of tired.  Brain tired.  All this thinking and planning has done me in.  Luckily I wasn’t physically tired on top of it.  Both my classes are fabulous!  I have some sweeties and some characters.  I even have some “alums” and “repeat offenders.”  That’s preschool talk for siblings of previous kids and kids who were in 3-year-old preschool last year that I managed to get for preK.  I am co-teaching this year too.  I wasn’t really looking forward to sharing, but my co-teacher has been nothing but kind.  I know she has been placed in my path for a reason.  We’ll just have to wait and see if we get to figure it out.

This weekend was only a little busy.  Friday night was Bub’s Back to School Dance, movie night for Mem and Sis, and a friend over for dinner.  Saturday was a 5-year-old birthday party and shopping with my niece.  We found some “needs” and some fun “wants.”  Sunday was breakfast at church, grocery shopping, and cleaning bedrooms.

DH spent the weekend on a golf trip with the guys and had a great time.  We welcomed him home with hand-made signs and big hugs!  Too tired to go get photos of all those things.  Maybe next time!

Tomorrow begins our first full week of school.  I’ve already scheduled a nap for Wednesday after school!


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  1. rejoiceandbeglad

    Your kids are blessed to have you as a teacher! I know you will have a great year and hey, take adavantage of sharing the workload with your co-teacher.

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