Summer is Over

Well, that’s it. Summer is over. For me. The kids have 3 more blissful days of freedom. But I am back at school. I worked 3 days last week. Tomorrow, it’s back all the time.

I could have used one more month. or two. But back we go!

I have taken this weekend to savor the last bits of summer break. Saturday began with a pedicure and ended with a trip to the winery with the girls. (I did squeeze in a couple of hours in my classroom, but old habits do die hard.) I almost didn’t go. Tiggy’s softball game was rescheduled and I haven’t missed one. It was a gorgeous day and I could think of all kinds of things to do outside with my kiddos. In the end I went. I’m glad I did.

Left on their own, Darling Husband and all four kids had a great time. Tig’s softball game wasn’t the greatest, but he had his brothers and sisters to cheer him on. DH even went to Walmart and bought Rio. (Which amazingly motivated them to clean their rooms today so they could watch it! They are watching it now, buying me a few minutes at the computer. Yay!) They also bought two kinds of ice cream. Mmmm.  (Which I’ll be having when I get up from the computer.)

I had a fabulous end of summer retreat. We talked and talked and talked. We laughed and laughed. There were serious moments and silly moments. We giggled and teased, supported and advised, and chatted some more. The day was lovely, the breeze light, the sun shining and the views awesome. (I know I really should have taken a photograph or two.)

After the pampering of the pedicure and all the girl time I feel much more relaxed and refreshed and ready to tackle a new school year. I am so grateful for my good friends.

Today was a family day. We started the day with an early softball game. Tig’s team played awesome! Two home runs in three innings! They really rocked the field and took home the silver medal for Special Olympics State Softball. So so so proud. After softball was a stop at Target for a baby gift and some school supplies. I grabbed another girlfriend and we headed to a baby shower. (I ate some of the best shower food ever!) After the baby shower, my friend Squeakers came over for dinner. DH grilled some delicious chicken. Afterward we went for a walk in the park. And now, home to watch Rio.

What a perfect summer weekend! I think we’ll have to find a way to keep that summer feelin’ going for a few more weekends!


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