Six Flags

Day 71 was an end of summer trip to Six Flags.  Our elementary school participates in a program that rewards reading with tickets.  Sis reminded me when she got hers in May that she has never been to Six Flags.  Ugh.  Every year they do the reading.  Every year I run out of time and money before we go.  I promised her that we would go this year.  Tuesday I kept my promise.

Darling Husband took a vacation day so he could ride all the roller coasters with Sis.  She loves roller coasters.  The faster the better.  The twistier the better.  The scarier the better.  Not me.  I was glad to have DH along!

I declared that we would make an easy day of it.  We left a just before 9:00.  We stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast.  I had packed a cooler with chips and water and fruit and cookies.  When we got close to the amusement park we stopped at Walmart for some deli sandwiches.  It was already HOT.  Really hot.  We were sweating before we made it to the gates.  And we parked very close. (That five bucks to upgrade parking was worth it!)

DH and Sis rode one roller coaster before we caved to the heat and headed for the water park side.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves for the rest of the day there!  Sis brought a friend and they played and played in the wave pool.  Mem thought he was as big as the girls and got in the big waves several times.  Scared me, but never scared him.  We ran and played and laughed and had a blast.  I was a sunscreen nazi and amazingly we all survived mostly unburned.

Here are a few highlights from the day.

  • DH, Sis and E screaming on the Tornado
  • hot hot hot feet
  • a new pair of trunks for Bub
  • lots and lots and lots of refills for soda and Powerade
  • flying down the bumpy slide
  • the kiddie pool
  • the spray from the big bucket
  • baptizing Mem in the wave pool
  • a picnic in the car
  • ice cream at Chik-fil-a
  • juicy strawberries
  • the neck massage waterfall
  • best friends necklaces and feathers for hair
  • happily falling asleep in the car

Our only photos from the day.

Mem and Scooby Doo

The Girls and Tweety Bird

I’m glad I kept my promise.


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