Just found this question in my drafts.  Dated April 2009.

Why is it that my youngest, who hates to write, who I am always encouraging to write, who needs to practice writing, decides to ask me how to spell 14 words 30 minutes after bedtime?

Now I have an answer.  Now he loves to write.  His handwriting is the best among my children.  All four of them.

He was just waiting until he could do it with no risk of failure.

And he is a very good speller.

He even beats me at “Hanging with Friends.”

We spent a bit of time playing “Hanging With Friends” this afternoon while we waited for Bub at the doctor’s office.  Time for immunizations.  It was funny that he had to have shots before 8th grade.  He wasn’t worried about it at all, but Sis was freaking.  She is already crying about not wanting to go to Junior High.  Drama!

Mario and Sonic are getting plenty of play at our house

The kids have spent most of the day playing Wii.  Unfortunately it is way too hot to play outside.  At almost 8:00 we did go out for a family walk.  So far, so good with Week One of 5K training!


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