We got to go see Cars 2 for free!  The orthodontist rented theatres as a “thank you” to clients.  We got there just before the movie and it. was. packed.  Mem sat with one of his friends.  Bub and Sis sat together and I almost sat alone.  Then a mother next to my middle kids offered to put her preschooler on her lap so I could sit with them.  Too kind! I know how unrelaxing a movie is with a four-year-old on your lap and I am forever grateful to her!  After the movie Sis won a Scrabble card game during trivia!  Grateful.

I love Bub! He is a fantastic kid who is becoming a fantastic grown up.  The last few weeks he has been very sweet and a little beyond his years.  After a period of not really ever wanting to emerge from his room he has decided to spend a little more time with family lately.  I’m proud of me for respecting his privacy and letting all this growing up business be on his own terms.  I am proud that he is helpful and funny (sarcastic actually) and smart.  I’m blessed to be his Mom.  Grateful.

I have a young friend that recently ended a serious relationship.  She has been looking for something to fill her time.  Friday in sheer desperation she called to see if she could hang out with us.  I was so thankful that she played game after game after game with my kids! Woo-Hoo!  Here I thought I was giving her an escape.  Turns out, she gave me one!  Grateful.

Our local Lifeway store had a giveaway and photo opportunity.  We swung by and had a photo with Bob and Larry.  Mem even sucked down 2 Caprisuns while waiting in the heat.  The kids registered for prizes and were lucky enough to win one.  Well, sort of.  Mem wasn’t so grateful for his.  Not a shining star moment for him.  I’m was trying to be grateful for the opportunity to teach him about gratitude…  Funny thing though, he went back and traded his “baby” toy car for a WWJD sport bracelet.  I was grateful for that opportunity.  I think the lesson stuck a little.  And he has a visual reminder for gratefulness in the bracelet! Grateful!


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