Happy Birthday Tiggy!

Tiggy is 22 years old.  Wow.  22 years.  Grown up.

Big Man with his movie

And he grows up more and more each year.  He is proud of his job.  He is responsible.  He is learning to be more patient with his younger siblings.

He got a new DVD for his birthday.  Wrestling.  Which he LOVES!  He brought it over to our house to watch with Bubby.  Wrestling is their “big guy” thing.  But.  Big but.  But, the DVD was blue ray.  Ugh.  A year ago that kind of disappointment would have sent him into a huge tailspin.  And this year?  He.  handled. it.  He was bummed, but he shook it off, satisfied with the knowledge that it could be replaced.

I’m proud of him.  Sometimes others assume that people with disabilities plateau, or quit learning.  Not true.  Tiggy is still learning every day.  He continues to grow and learn and become a better man.

Watch out world! Our Big Man, our Lover of Wrestling, our Cardinal Fan, our Softball Slugger, our Basketball Swisher, our Bowling Lover, our Cowboy Fan, our McD’s worker, our Coca-Cola Gulper, is 22!

Happy 22nd, Dude!


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  1. rejoiceandbeglad

    This post just makes me smile. What a great kid, oops, I mean man. And what a great momma.

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