Water Rocks!

I have loved spending time in the water this summer.  Tonight, our church rented the city pool.  The kids had a blast swimming.

Two interesting things about tonight….

1) Mem went off the high dive for the first time! and the second! and the third!  I was so proud of the way he pushed through his fear to do something he really wanted to do.

2) I didn’t wear a suit.  I didn’t have to get in the water! That was cool.  Everyone swims.  And they can do it without me.  I had fun taking video instead!

Since I was messing with video I failed to take any photos.   But here’s one from earlier in the summer (when we were on the way to swimming party) that I just love!

Could any other face better say summer?

I love this.  I love the ketchup.  I love the sweat.  I love the eyes – that just a little tired, but excited and ready for anything look.  I love the determined set of his jaw.

No telling what he was about to say!


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  1. What a great picture! Pics like this capture life so much better than anything a stranger could take in a studio!!

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