Bye Eems and Congrats Kayla

Today began a little sad as it was the day my mom flew back home.  Bummer.  After she left I was pretty much in a funk.

I did pull out of it to celebrate Kayla’s Wedding.

All Dressed Up and Ready to GO!

Kayla is the only sitter we have ever paid to watch our kids.  She started watching them when Mem was a toddler and she wasn’t driving.  Here we are 5 years later celebrating her wedding!

Being silly!

Our whole family has been blessed to know Kayla.  She is a true gift.  She has loved my children as an aunt.  Dropping by sweet gifts. Celebrating holidays.  Pretending.  Playing.  Coloring.  You name it, she has played it!  Hopefully Kayla and her new husband will still keep my wild bunch from time to time.  And, one day (years from now) my kids might even be babysitting for Kayla’s babies!

Dollar Dance - Mem thought he was a big spender...he gave $5.

Kayla was so beautiful! She and her husband are the sweetest couple.


Memmy was the life of the party on the dance floor.  He did his Break Spin for all the college kids.  “The one dressed like a Rock Star” and “The Guy with Hair Like Ozzie Osborne” both told him he had good moves! He was beaming!


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One response to “Bye Eems and Congrats Kayla

  1. rejoiceandbeglad

    Isn’t crazy how attached we get to that one special babysitter? Mine now has a baby of her own!

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