Memmy’s Art Show

I think this is cool. He sketched it in 3 minutes!

Today was Mem’s last day of drawing class.  We celebrated with lunch together – just me and him.  We sat and chatted and played “Hanging with Friends” for a long time.  It was a good lunch.  I’ll mix in some of his creations from the week.  He really is talented.  His teacher told me several times how much he impressed her.  Plus, he was the youngest in the class.

Great Horned Owl

I managed to drop a birthday gift by to a friend’s dinner party.  Happy Birthday, Michele!

They each took turns modeling for 3 minutes while the class sketched. I like this one.

We also went to a water park birthday tonight.  It was super cool to have the whole park full of friends!  Mem was excited to go down the slides over and over without waiting.  He even got to go down the big slides!

According to Mem, his strengths are texture and shading.

It was my last night with Mom here and we stayed up way too late talking.  I’m glad we did.

He used this puma to make prints.

This one reminds me of a painting my Grandpa gave me. Melts my heart.



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