After art class today we took Mem to another shoe store.  He found a pair he liked for $30.  “Well, I’ve got 18 bucks.  Mom, would you pitch me a little?”  Who could resist? I had him give me $10 and I bought the shoes.  He does LOVE shoes!

We met Uncle P at Cracker Barrel for lunch.  Yum.  After lunch Eemaw picked up some of her favorite “hot balls.”  My kids got some candy canes – peach and lemon and tutti fruiti.  My little brother and I used to love to get those at the garden store when we were growing up.

After lunch we headed to the water park to use the passes we had from the last time when it stormed.  Exciting things at the water park.

K started diving! I’m not sure if she has dived successfully before (she tends to change her story) but she had a great confidence about her diving and did it over and over.  I had fun watching her and Sissy dive in and try to swim underwater across the pool.  I tried a few times myself.  I kindly gave the girls an opportunity to beat me…

And….more big news….Memmy did the swim test!  I wasn’t sure at first that he would do it.  The width of the pool looked pretty imposing in comparison to Mem.  Then, he just jumped in and went for it.  He swam all the way across the pool so he could go down the slides! (He is about an inch too short.)  He was in heaven.  He went down the slides more times than I can count.  If only I had taken a camera in! His smiles coming out of that tube were priceless.  He did look back at the distance and say, “That’s really far.  Man, I am an awesome swimmer.” I giggled to myself at those words coming out of my six-year-old that just dog paddled his way to slide nirvana!


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