Day 52 – A Sale and a Star

Day 52 of Summer

I dropped Mem off at drawing class. After we picked up a little around the house (and played a few rounds of Chicktionary – my new favorite iPhone game) we headed to the last day sale at one of our favorite shops.

We love love “Miss Tina’s” shop. I have shopped there even before Sissy was born. She has accessorized my baby, my toddler, my preschooler, my little kid, my big girl and now my pre-teen. It was sad for us to see the store close. Almost every big occasion and family photo features one of more of Miss Tina’s creations – birthday party gifts, twin day clothes, Christmas bows, Easter hats, Halloween costumes, Valentine presents, teacher gifts… Over time, Miss Tina has become a friend and we wish her the very very best in her new adventures – and, hopefully, we’ll join her in an adventure or two!

Since it was the last day sale, Mom, Sissy, K and I had fun finding bargains. We left with bags and bags of trinkets and creations and fun finds. We even went back after we picked up Memmy from drawing class to grab “just a few more.” It’s hard to say goodbye!

After shopping we headed home to meet Uncle P for lunch. After lunch we ran to Sissy’s cheer gym so she could help with the filming of a commercial. She had fun flipping and stunting and jumping for the camera. The team that I coach was able to meet for some of the filming too. I was afraid I was going to end up on camera, but I managed to pass that time to Sissy. Woo-Hoo! Sissy was more than happy to play star for the camera!

After cheer we came home to finish up some laundry before heading out to eat Mexican. We have eaten out more these two weeks than we have all year! Darling Husband is in Heaven since eating out is one of his very favorite treats!




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