Day 50 of Summer

Today after drawing class (he has brought home some amazing drawings), Mem finally managed to get me to the mall.  He really wants new tennis shoes.  He has $18 and he really wants to use it to buy new shoes.  Bub has tried to explain to him that the shoes he wants are $50.  He didn’t believe.  Until today.  Seeing is believing.  He read that tag on the shoes and decided that $50 was way.  too.  much.  for new shoes.

We also had lunch at Qdoba after drawing class.  Mmmmm.  One of my favorites! I love that my boys appreciate different kinds of food.  (Sissy, on the other hand, doesn’t branch out much.)  Mem was even excited to get guacamole.  Ah, a boy after my own heart.

That evening Sis left for cheer, while we headed to the Farmer’s Market.  Mem sampled bread for all of us.  Needless to say, we did buy a loaf.  Then we bought some tomatoes and goat cheese to go with it.  Super yum.  We picked up Sis from cheer practice just before the storm.

Turned out to be a “good” storm.  The air cooled, the lightning was beautiful, the wind was refreshing, the rain hard, but no damage.  Another perk of living in the middle of the country.  Summer storms.

Today I am grateful for cool air, big burritos, a savvy shopper, fresh vegetables, great kids, and my mom, who was here to share the day with me.


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