Eating Out and Throwing Rocks

I love summer Saturdays!  Today was wonderful.  Having Mom with us is so relaxing.  A home with 2 moms just runs smoothly.  There aren’t many better feelings than getting ready to load the dishwasher and finding it already loaded.  Or going to put a load of clothes in the washer only to find them in the dryer. Or already folded and ready to put away!

With K spending lots of time sleeping over and hanging out, there is always someone to play with! I love love having lots of people in the house.

For lunch, we headed to McD’s so Eemaw could watch Tiggy work.  He is getting more comfortable with his family stopping in these days and drops a few one liners as he works nearby.  He has a great sense of humor!

Silly Memmy with Eemaw

For dinner we went out to eat again!!!  All this eating out is certainly Darling Husband’s dream.  He keeps saying “I wish your Mom could stay another week.”

Happy Daddy!

Why do I have so many photos of food?

One of Memmy's napkin drawings

After dinner, we drove around town on remembering so favorite places and seeing changes.  We finished the evening by throwing rocks in The River.  We were trying to hit a small hole in the top of this concrete thing.  The water is so high!  We were throwing rocks where we usually sit on stairs.

I’m grateful for another beautiful summer day!









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