Lots of successes today!

The day began with the last day of swimming lessons for Memmy and Sissy.  They both passed! Yay!  We were a little worried about Mem’s back glide…  The kids also got a chance to free play at the pool for a bit.  The big excitement on the last day of swimming lessons is that the lifeguards stay in the deep end so kids can go off the diving board without passing the swim test.  Mem wasn’t 100% sure that he was going to try it.  Then he shocked us all by going off the “independent” side!


He's off!


Look at that boy fly!



He jumped again and again and again and again!  Sissy took a turn or two off the diving board, but mostly hung out with M.

Here she goes...




All smiles!

After swimming lessons we spent the rest of the day shopping.  Mom and I had sweet success with some clearance t-shirts! I even found a cute top and some fun jewelry.  I wore my new stuff for another Date Night!  Darling Husband and I went out again without children! We met some friends at an outdoor patio to watch another friend of ours play in a band.  Good, good times!

(I have got to get better about taking photos of fun stuff…)


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