Going to the the ZOO, ZOO, ZOO!

Day 45 of Summer was a trip to the zoo!  After swimming lessons Mom and I were sitting at the table wondering what to do.  We decided to just make a quick trip to the zoo.  We really wanted to go to the zoo last Thursday, until Memmy was sick….  So, today it was.

We packed up and started out on the 2 hour trip to the zoo.  We popped in a Gnomeo and Juliet for the kids to watch and up the highway we went.  Though it was hot, it was cloudy so we weren’t miserable.  We started with a late lunch where each kid picked 2 animals the really wanted to see.

K picked the snow leopard and the red panda


Sissy picked big cats and zebras


Memmy picked the Fennec Fox and The Bird House

Bubby picked the Monkey House and the sting rays.  The line for the sting rays was way too long so we headed off in search of the red panda.  That shy little red panda never did come out.  We did manage to see everything else! I forgot the camera in the car, but everyone had fun capturing memories on their phones!

Click! Click! Click!

As we walked past the Sea Lion Show it was about to start.  Another spur of the moment decision!  The show was great.  I think Mem’s face says it all!


Some more animal sightings later (and one particularly educational look at the Somali Wild Ass) we were off for The Children’s Zoo.  The kids had fun in the goat pen, on the playground, watching animals, and playing in the sprinkler.

K and the goats


Bubby proving you are never too old for The Children's Zoo


Mem chasing sprinklers


I have photos from at least 6 summers of this little guy on this frog!

We closed down the zoo!  After the zoo we went to a local frozen custard shop for “supper.”  We weren’t hungry after all that ice cream.  Then, it started to really storm.  We waited a little out while Bubby visited a baseball card shop.  Then we were back on the road for only a little while.  We stopped again to wait out the heavy rain at a pizza buffet.  By the time we got home I was exhausted!  I think I was asleep before the kids!

Sissy posing in Eemaw's hat at the end of the day! A tribute to Grandma Peggy.


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