Discovery Time

I had the time to play around on my old phone today.  I discovered some old texts from Mem to Eemaw worth repeating!  I also found these photos of the kids on the beach near Eemaws from Summer 2009.  They’ve grown up so much!

April 29:

“In PE today I wos the fastis @ 9:23!  I wos ferst plase…”

May 9

“I’m sick my hiiste teppochor woss 106.1.8.  My piepy woss hertting on sunday.  I werckt HARD.  And that nite.  I coodinte wock VERY good.  I love you Eemoll good bie Eemoll.”

May 10

“Tonight is my first T ball game!  I don’t no what teme I am playing…  I am VERY VERY VERY SOOPER SOOPER POOPER GOOD HITTUR!”

May 12 (from Eemaw)

“Cool how did u do?  what team u on?  are u feeling better?”

May 12

“I am the A’s  I plade the Dagur’s.  Cindod but not rilie.”

May 17

“I have 3 mor day’s left of scool…  I love you so much Eemoll…  Track and feaild day…”


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