Family Time

We spent the day in my Mom’s home town visiting family.


I should have taken more picture’s but I was too busy hanging out with Uncle C and Grandma E.  It was a fun trip!  On the way down we stopped to buy fireworks at a “Fireworks Superstore.”  Then, we met Uncle C at his hotel room (he was in town for his class reunion.) and played in the pool!  My brother and niece followed us down so there were lots of kids to play in the pool.  They had fun diving for rings and quarters.

Then we made a few trips to Kmart to get Memmy some dry shorts.  Long story – he forgot his trunks, swam in his shorts, I grabbed a too big pair, went back to exchange it…  Memmy is pretty particular about what he wears!  Amazingly though, the shorts he had to have he is wearing today, so at least I am getting my money’s worth!

We ordered pizza for a late lunch/early supper so we could hang out with Uncle C until he had to go.  It was great pizza! I should have taken a photo of that.

After pizza we headed over to Grandma E’s house to visit.  The kids played on phones and iPads, told some good stories, and even found a kitten to play with in her back yard.  It was good to see her.  She looked beautiful!  I love her home.  It is full of things she loves but not crowded.  It is always so clean and organized but you certainly feel comfortable to flop down in the nearest chair to tell a joke!  It’s a good place to be.


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