Taking it Easy

We spent Day 39 of summer taking it easy.

Mem didn’t get sick again.  He woke up claiming to feel great – but I wasn’t sure if that was him trying to convince me is good enough to travel tomorrow.  Mom and the girls took advantage of the cooler weather and went for a walk.  Mem was still moving slow so he hung around the house with me.

I kept busy cleaning house – Don’t you always feel like cleaning after someone has been sick?  While Mem was feeling better, DH started complaining of feeling congested.  Mom called from Subway to take see if we wanted anything.  Mem was asking for a sandwich… Reluctantly I ordered him one.  He ate it!  He felt better!  And better! Woo-Hoo!

The younger kids spent much of the day playing and finding games on Eemaw’s iPad. Mom, my brother, and Bub headed out to find a new phone for her.  She did say she felt like she was shopping with Nerd One and Nerd Two!  They returned home with dinner and a cool white iPhone for Eems.  With Mem feeling better, DH and I were off to take advantage of having a live in sitter.

Date Night!  It was fun to get away and have a quiet dinner together.  We did the standard “Dinner and Discount” that couples married more than 10 years do – and went to Walmart after dinner.  One thing we bought – decongestant for DH….


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