Never a Dull Moment

There is no title for Day 38 of Summer.  It has a been a bit of everything.

The day began with a long night of no sleep.  While we were at the hotel by the airport Memmy began running fever.  I’m thankful that I did not have a thermometer because I may have been tempted to run to the hospital.  He was HOT.  I did make a mad dash to a nearby Walmart (thank you “Judy Garmin” for getting me there and back quickly) for ibuprofen.  I dosed him up and mopped with a damp cloth and he was in and out sleep.  He did vomit once, but this is typical Mem.  I blame his Chiari, but whatever the reason he almost always pukes when he gets any kind of sick.  He did spend much of the night cuddled up to me since he thought he was cold.  Right in my face.  With his germy breath.

The morning was the real puking.  He threw up and threw up and threw up.  Ugh.  In the hotel.  And then cried about a postponed trip to the zoo.  Luckily there was a pool in the hotel to distract the other kids and keep them away from Mr. Sick.  Also awesome that Eemaw sprung for 2 rooms since my brother and niece made the trip too.  Memmy did go a little over an hour without puking or fever, so we decided to brave a stop at Build-a-Bear on the way home.

Armed with a plastic bag and wet wipes, in we went.  (Before you judge me for taking a sick kid into a mall, please remember that Sis and my niece were also really bummed about a missed trip to the zoo.  Build-a-Bear was a small consolation.)  Mem made it through creating Wolfie and lunch at the food court with only one false alarm trip to the bathroom.  I think he only ate about 4 bites, but those 4 bites did stay down!

Mem and Wolfie

We made the drive home without incident.

We arrived at home just in time for Bub to change for his baseball game, DH to come home from work, and off again to the ball field.  Eemaw and Brother showed up a little later with both girls.  Eemaw stayed home with Mem, who decided he didn’t feel so good after all, while DH brought the girls and Tig to watch Bub’s Tournament Championship Baseball Game.

While at the game, Mem did end up needing more meds.  He did have a few more incidences of vomit.  I’m sure glad my mom was there with him.  I hated to leave him, but then, she always took good care of me when I was sick…  And, I knew it was important for Bub that I be at his game.

Since this was a double elimination tournament and Bub’s team hadn’t lost, the other team would have to beat them twice.  The first game was not so great.  Bub’s scrappy team lost a little heart and lost the game by 1 (or 2?).

Then came the Championship Game.  It was a nail biter! Back and forth.  Great plays and great hits from both teams.  Bub had a few great catches at short stop and was even part of an awesome double play!  I was SO proud to be his Momma.  In the bottom of the last inning with 2 outs, an unexpected hero had beautiful hit down the 3rd base line to score the winning run!

A day that started out with one son feeling yucky, ended the another on Cloud Nine!

Congratulations Bub! I am so proud to be your Mom.  You played a great game as part of a great “never say die” team! Go Giants!

some teammates after the game - 1st place for tournament - 2nd place for season


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