There’s always coffee

I have a friend who is very like a sister to me.  Our friendship has been born out of the “doing” of life.  We have worked together as educators, mothers, friends, and even Girl Scouts.

We trade children, car trips, coupons, meals, kids’ clothes, ideas, recipes, pep talks, reality checks, craft stuff, and more.

Today it was my turn to get the coffee.  From time to time, with our combined seven children, one of them makes one of us tired.  Thankfully there’s always coffee.  Mmmm…

Though the day was a little long at her house, at our house it was pretty exciting.  Just before we left for Mem’s last teeball game, he pulled his other wiggly tooth!  Both the kitchen and bathroom sinks looked a bit like crime scenes, but his smile looks even cuter than it did yesterday!

Love this "Toothless" fella!

After Memmy’s last game and a little trophy ceremony, we headed over to Bub’s baseball game.  I wish I had some photos of Bub playing ball.  He looks so confident and happy on the ball field.  He plays a fabulous short stop!  Tuesday night’s game was a really good one for him.  His team beat the 1st place team in the tournament.  This means no baseball tomorrow and that Bub will be able to go with us to get Eemaw at the airport tomorrow.

Pretty soon I’ll get to go get coffee (and tea) with my Momma!!!


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