Day 34 of Summer

The summer is moving way to fast! We are almost to the half way mark and I have tons more that I want to accomplish.  My house isn’t nearly as clean as I would like it to be.  I haven’t planned a yard sale.  We haven’t spent near enough time in the water.

Rather than worry about the “haven’ts” as I often do, I am trying to focus on the now.

Today was a good day.  We enjoyed church.  We ate some fabulous fried chicken afterward.  I was able to eat lunch today with some women that I admire.  Women who really ground me. Women I am blessed to know.  I feel better about where I am in my life after our conversations.  I walk away with nuggets of wisdom and better aligned priorities.  So, that said, I am sharing one bit of wisdom from Sunday’s lunch.

“Don’t wait around to get motivated.  Motivation comes from simple obedience.  Simple obedience that requires one to take that first step.  That step then leads to the next step and the next.  Those steps lead to the last step.  Waiting to be motivated results in waiting.  Taking step one results in the completion of one’s goal.”


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