Working at McD’s


Tiggy working hard!


We started the day with Memmy’s tee ball.  He had a great hit – all the way to the grass!  After a relaxing tee ball game, we headed to McDonald’s to surprise Tiggy.

Mem and Sis enjoying those Happy Meals

Tiggy works weekends at McDonald’s keeping the lobby clean and stocked.  He is a hard worker!  Though he likes for people to come see him at work, he is very focused on his job and will not stop to “chit chat” while on the job.  I did manage to catch him in a few photos.  I am so proud of him!

One more to prove everyone was there

I love watching him work.  I love that he is a hard worker and a valuable employee.  My younger children explain his disability by saying, “Some things are hard for [Tiggy].”  Some things are hard, but he works even harder!


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  1. So sweet! I am sure he loved the surprise visit.

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