Update from the Firefly Party:  I did take a few photos with my phone of the ice cream making!

Memmy's was awesome and yummy!


Bub made "kid" ice cream in a bag...Then ate a "grown up" sundae too! One joy of being a teen.


My buddy E added all kinds of cool stuff to his ice cream bag!

After a day of working (I did go to the school board office for a bit this morning) and cleaning, we cooled off with a visit to the waterpark!

Happy Birthday M!

My friend, C and I even squeezed in a few conversations while chasing after this rowdy crew.  I loved floating along the lazy river with Mem and watching Sis play with her girls.

The rowdy boys!

After a bit, she did complain of being cold and wrapped herself up to lay in the sun.  When she fell asleep I thought she was just exhausted from the sleep over and birthday party…

The Beach Boy!

By the time we got home from her friend’s house, she felt warm…  I was hoping it was just too much sun.

Sis made these cool flip flops after swimming!

I was wrong.  Fever of 102.  After some ibuprofen she is sleeping soundly.  Hopefully she is just exhausted?  That’s possible, right?


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