2nd Annual Firefly Party

Last summer, we had a blast when my sister-in-law hosted a Firefly Party for our Bible Study group.  This summer we’ve made it an annual event!  I love the simplicity of a Firefly Party.  We get together, catch lightning bugs, eat dessert.

This year, my friends B and B held the party.  It was perfect!  Here are some photos from the night.

We started out with the kids making their own ice cream in a bag – with flavors!  Mem made mint chip that was yummy.  I didn’t get any photos of the ice cream making because I had to charge my camera battery for a bit.  Oops! I didn’t get any photos of the adults with their home made ice cream because, well, I was eating!

Memmy caught one!


Sis and L taking a break for the trampoline

Memmy showing off his catch!

Roasting marshmallows for s'mores!

Memmy blowing the fire off his marshmallow

Amazingly there weren’t even any minor injuries from the festivities.  Tig and Bub even hung around on the deck for a bit, though they are too cool to pose for photos.  Notice Sis in her new practice uniform for cheer.  She was too cool to change.  Just looking at these makes me want to go make a sundae and a s’more!  Mmmmmmm.  “Good Times!” as B would say…


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