Today was a “Notsomuch” day. Notsomuch happened today and that, my friends, is the pure joy of summer. In the notsomuch, there was so much.

Mem woke up before me this morning. (OK, maybe something big happened. And that was it. Mem never wakes up before me.) I heard his little feet on the stairs and opened my eyes in time to see him smile through the door. (I love that I almost always know who it is on the stairs just by the way they walk!) He always cuddles first thing in the morning. I don’t think he would know what to do if he didn’t start his day with a hug. A simple hug. Notsomuch to some. So much to me. (If you know me it is even more that I love his hugs. I’m not a hugger, but I do like hugs from little people, especially my little people.)

I made blueberry muffins (from a package). My kids think that since I poured in the milk, stirred and baked, that these are home made muffins… Please, do not clue them in that there are more difficult methods for putting muffins on the table. I was proud of myself as I had decided to try to actually cook breakfast for them a few days a week. I am fortunate to have children who love cereal and would eat it for at least one meal a day. However, in my quest to make this a simple, child-focused summer, I’m trying to help them branch out. There you have it. Muffins that are notsomuch, becoming so much. So much, in fact, that Bubby got out of bed before 11:00 to eat some!

We ran a few errands this morning. Sis brough along her Selena Gomez CD and we rocked out on the way to the grocery store. We sang and laughed and sang louder! Who knew Selena could be so much fun? Who knew a simple trip to pick up notsomuch (potatoes and garlic bread) could create so much laughter?

After a simple lunch I devoted today to cleaning house. I have learned that I feel better and more organized emotionally when the physical space around me is clean and tidy. All the magazines tell you that it is true, but a door facing free of fingerprints really does boost the mental power of this mom! During the school year, I have to allow my standards to sink pretty low as far as housework. I refuse to let cleaning house keep me from hanging out with my children. That platform allows for a more than a few fingerprints… With the extra time of summer, though, comes a cleaner, more orderly home and my brain is happy. Again, the notsomuch act of wiping fingerprints becomes so much for my state of mind.

Plus, we had fun working together! Memmy and I washed windows together. I let him spray (a lot) of cleaner. We made faces at each other threw the glass. My computer screen is so clean, I had to darken the screen! Sissy and I cleaned the outside of the refrigerator. She even washed all the magnets. We have tons of magnets on the bottom of our refrigerator. Some that have been there since Bubby was a baby! Luckily we have some very little friends that visit regularly so we have a great excuse to leave them there. I’m even getting a niece in August so I’ll be able to leave them for at least 2 more years! Anyway, Sis washed and organized all the magnets. She and I share a love of arranging little things. I took a minute to just watch her place each one in its spot. It was fun to watch this mini version of myself. All these things are notsomuch, but together become so much more.

Bubby as a Baby - these have been on my fridge for over a decade

After the main rooms were scrubbed and organized (I might be brave enough to tackle some bedrooms tomorrow?) DH came home! He worked on the yard and washed the cars. I’m happy to say that I have never mowed grass and am so thankful that he always does it. I haven’t washed a car since we’ve been married and I don’t miss that task at all! Notsomuch to him. So much to me!

We finished off the day with s’mores! Yum. (You see it coming, don’t you?) Simple chocolate, graham crackers and one marshmallow. Separately they’re notsomuch. Together? So much!






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