Dishwasher, Daring and Dinner

Day 25 in my Chronicles of Summer

The day began with a death. My first dishwasher has died.  I had never lived in a house with a working dish washer (other than the human kind) until we moved to this one.  And, this morning, I said good-bye to my first dish washer.  DH and I have been preparing ourselves for its passing.  We have helped it along hoping it would last forever.  It didn’t.  DH immediately got online and started researching dishwashers.  Then, he and Memmy set out to check some out in person.

As the boys left for The Dish Washer Hunt, the girls headed to the cheer gym.  Since we did not get to go on our Mission Trip, Sissy was able to participate in a fun clinic at cheer that she hadn’t wanted to miss.  It was titled “Fabulous Flyer Stunting Spectacular.”  It didn’t disappoint.  Sis had fun on the tumble track, eating snacks, and, of course, getting to stunt!  In cheerleading stunting is when one or some athlete’s lift another into the air.  Sis is sometimes the lifter or base.  Sometimes she’s the liftee or flyer.  She generally prefers to FLY!  Today’s clinic was a chance to work on flying skills.

By the time she was finished with cheer, the boys had purchased a dish washer and taken it home.  DH came back to the gym to watch the end of the clinic.  We headed to the passport office to file for passports (more on that in time).  Paperwork is not Darling Husband’s favorite thing.  By the time we had finished at the passport office it was time to eat.  With a dishwasher in the middle of the kitchen waiting to be installed, he was able to talk me into another dinner out.  This time we had Mexican! DH has been begging to go out for Mexican for weeks.  As it is Father’s Day weekend, off we went.  (Plus, we only had the 2 younger kids with us so it was cheap!)

After dinner the new dish washer found it’s home.

The greatest excitement of the night though, came shortly after…. When this found a new home!  Mem and Sis worked over an hour decorating and designing their new hide out.  After a bit he got tired of her being bossy, but after a short break, they worked it out and got back to work.  I am thankful for a big house with big rooms to house fun stuff like a dish washer box club house!  I am even more thankful for children that can work together to make it fun.


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  1. jen

    Look at your sparkly new dishwasher – woohoo! That’s awesome! But I agree with the kids – the box just can’t be beat! 🙂

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