Today was full of happy surprises.  After sleeping in and having a breakfast we headed for the hospital.  Sissy has been diagnosed with Horner’s Syndrome and we are ruling out any scary causes for it.  She had orders for blood work and a chest x-ray.  I have been dreading the blood work for a long time.  Sissy is totally freaked out by needles.  She hates shots (though I keep telling her, “Who doesn’t?)  When she needed an IV for her MRI this spring I thought it would require people to hold her down.

The happy surprise? She pulled it together today!  She listened to reason.  With the help of some very skilled and patient hospital staff she was able to push through the fear and sit still for the blood draw.  I’m not sure who was happier – her or me?  We headed to x-ray with great relief.  There was a little confusion with the neurologist’s orders at radiology and we had a little time to kill.

As I am trying not to overspend this summer, I kept putting off lunch hoping to come home and eat.  I didn’t quite get my wish…  As we wandered around the hospital trying to find our way to obstetrics (Memmy was determined to see where he was born.) we discovered a clearance scale at the gift shop.  I did get talked into some fun (and cheap) additions to the Summer Prize Box.  I nearly spent as much as lunch would have been…

Back up to radiology to wait for the doctor to return a call.  By this time the Bubby and Memmy had played as much Angry Birds as they wanted!  Then we got the second happy surprise for the day.  Darling Husband called to tell us he was leaving work early! He was on his way to get the boys to take them for lunch when we learned that Sissy was finally finished.  With Father’s Day this weekend we treated Dad to a late lunch at Red Lobster – one of his favorites! (And, I did have a coupon!) Super YUM!

After Red Lobster we headed home.  After a quick cat nap, a friend came over to create a Father’s Day surprise for her family.  I organized lots of paperwork, cleaned out my desk, and sorted my coupons!  It felt great to get so many things organized.

We kept BFF M and headed to Bubby’s ball game.  After missing Tuesday I was excited to see him play.  Tonight he surprised us with one of his best games! He had an AMAZING catch at short stop, scored 2 runs, and pitched 2 solid innings to help his team win 6-5!  He looks so handsome on the pitching mound.  It was fun to watch him have a good time at baseball.  He has some friends on his team that he has been in school and sports with since kindergarten.  It’s fun watching these kids grow up.  I even got a little “baby time” at the ball park with one of his teammate’s baby brother.  The other kids had fun playing on an empty field.  Is any dirt better than ball dirt?  With Darling Husband not playing softball this year, I’m glad all three boys are!

On the way home from baseball Darling Husband and I surprised the kids with a late “supper” of ice cream! I love summer!



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2 responses to “Surprises

  1. jen

    You are quite the blogger lately! Great job! I’ve had fun reading about your summer! 🙂

  2. Thanks! I set a goal for every day through the summer. We’ll see if I can keep it up! Luckily it has been a great summer. 🙂

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