Have you heard the news?

Memmy is texting his kindergarten teacher.  (She’s famous for assisting in this type of situation.)

“I lost left front tooth Amy twisted it in then I pooled it out!”

My little man no longer has Sponge Bob teeth.  Now he proudly sports a one inch gap.  (Yes, he assessed the gap and proclaimed it to be one inch.)  I was really dreading the loss of this tooth.  I loved his gap grin.  Then I saw this.

I love this grin more! He is so adorable and sweet and young and grown up all at the same time.  I couldn’t help but smile at him all day knowing he would smile back.  I could have taken 1000 photos of this toothless handsome dude.

His personality is a bit sentimental.  He was sad to part with his tooth.  For his first tooth, he wrote a note asking the Tooth Fairy if he could keep it because it was so special.  Since that worked, he decided to try the same method on this tooth.  After 3 tries he decided this was the note to leave.

Then, he went to get his tooth only to remember that he didn’t put it by his bed any of the 7 times I told him to!  Lots of tears, followed by a “you really should listen to me” walk through the house, led to a discovery by his big brother and a happy hug from Memmy (just as I was untying the trash bag).

He is now sleeping sweetly with note and tooth under his pillow.  Excited to see what tomorrow brings.


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