Memmy Texts

Memmy loves to text.  And, we love for him to text.  When he is tired, bored, frustrated, melting, he will usually calm down to compose a text.  And, bonus, he practices writing and spelling!  At first he texted my mom.  Then, all on his own, he figured out how to text other people.  His other common victim is his kindergarten teacher.

Thersday is my ferst ressuling ternomint…the team that I am gunu ressuling are in trubol…

I won my wrestling match!!!

Here are a few excerpts from our trip to Disney World:

Thanks for the pens Eems… We left down town disny about 45 minits ugo… I love you very much… See you this summer Eemoll Good bie Eemoll…

pbup Eemoll I poodid

It’s HOT out heare @ dissanywereld… I.”v not teld Micky Maws that you sed hie yet… But I will chry to tumaroe win I git hiss otagraf I.”v ollaretty hav mary poppins and sleapping byootty and Marie

Wiy did the horsis crss the brigde?

Because thar wor dangis ak’s

Good nite

It is nap time @ the hotel… I did not git a chants to tell Micky that you hie whith my mawth but I did whave @ him…Good bie mrs S…

See you munday.


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