Today marked the 20th day of Summer. One fourth of summer is over. Bummer. Though I was a little discouraged to hit that milestone it was a much better day than yesterday.

Though I slept in a little I still woke up before everyone else and not feeling my best. Advil is a wonderful thing!

It was weird getting ready for church on the day we should have been arriving in Santee. Everyone we met that should have been on the mission trip with us had that same goofy grin for a greeting – you know the smile you have when you aren’t really sure what face to make. Of course, we ran into less folks because we were running behind as usual. Since I slept in I barely had time to make the muffins it was our turn to take. Luckily I had picked up bananas at the store too and they don’t have to be cooked! Memmy and Sissy happily delivered the treats to the refreshment table. Sissy ran to class with her friend while Memmy and I had a few moments on a bench while he finished up his (fourth!) muffin. He sweetly said, “I’m sorry I’m making you late Momma.” I replied with complete honesty. “You’re not making me late for anything. Sitting here with you is exactly where I am supposed to be!” I love those little stolen moments of one on one time.

After church we came home for a quick anything goes lunch. I managed to finish up some laundry, play some games with the little kids and even get in an hours nap!

My biggest success of the day came in the form of food. I went to this blog earlier this week and read a post featuring dinners with 6 or less ingredients. I made the Spinach and Sausage Pasta and it was fabulous!

I made Grandma Peggy’s Fruit Salad to go with it. Mmmmm. Dinner was delicious and we have plenty for lunch tomorrow.

Just before dinner, Sissy’s BFF M came over for a bit. The girls were having so much fun practicing trampoline Kung Fu. I so wish I would have taken their picture. (I count this as a little victory since Sis wasn’t too excited about seeing that movie yet it has inspired all kinds of fun play for her.) I was excited that she decided to spend the night! M is always a little hesitant to spend the night away from home. I was worried I would be running her home around midnight, but the girls camped on the living room floor and watched Disney channel until they fell asleep.





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