Good Tired

Yesterday was Day 16 of summer.  It went something like this…

The bigger girls were up by 7:00, but played quietly.  Whew.  The youngest was up around 8:00.  Ah.  Memmy slept until after 10:00.  That’s my guy! He got a prize for sleeping the best.  He loves his “hard animals.”  He earned a beaver with a stick in his mouth! He was impressed.

While Mem slept everyone else had made-to-order breakfast of oatmeal, cereal, peaches, muffins, waffles, and more.  After breakfast I managed to clean up while the kids played outside.  Amazingly the trampoline and the children survived.  After a slow morning we had a lunch of Sloppy Joe’s and magic applesauce.

Magic Applesauce is good times.  It is simply applesauce over a spoonful of Jell-O powder.  When you stir it up, your discover the tasty sweet flavor and bright color!  It’s the little things.

After lunch it was time for Water Park! Everyone put on swim suits with lightning speed.  Sissy braided all the girls’ hair elaborately.  I globbed on piles of sunscreen, grabbed the bags and off we went!

We played and played and played! I was proud that no glasses were lost or broken.  No hearing aids were lost or wet.  No one was sunburned – not even a little.  No children were lost for more than a few moments.  We saw lots of friends.  We had ice cream.  Ah.  Great times!

After the Water Park we grabbed Bub and headed home to wind down.  The big girls were happy to get a little “DS time.”  They were even happier to play unbothered while I took the younger two to the grocery store.  Darling Husband made dinner and we scarfed it down the way you always do after a day in the water.

After dinner I went out to water the flowers and ended up watering F and Memmy!  They ran and played and jumped and giggled in our impromptu home-made water park! (Once again, F and I remembered to remove hearing aids.  Go us!)  I toweled off the two soaking dripping laughing slipping wild ones and in we went for baths and bed.

I even had my own bubble bath after everyone was safely and sleepily tucked in.

I went to bed tired.  Good tired.  Played hard tired.  Laughed much tired.  Gave lots of hugs tired.  Got to say extra “I love yous” tired.

Very good tired.


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