Saving Money

Day 14 of Summer began early – very early.  We have already shifted our night’s sleep to start a little later and end a little later.  When we had to get up to take Bub to baseball clinic this morning it was tough.  Especially on Mem.  Mem is not a morning person.  He’s not a waking up person.  He prefers to sleep in and wake up slowly.  Amazingly we made it on time.

The park where Bub’s clinic was held in a nearby town, about half an hour’s drive from our house.  The clinic was 4 hours long.  In an effort not to make extra trips in our gas guzzling SUV I planned to play at the park a little and do all our errands in town.  Maybe it would have been cheaper to drive home…

We pulled over by a pavilion to eat the breakfast I packed.  I was hoping the kids could play for a little bit before it got to hot.  I wanted to go over my list and my coupon book to plan the best strategy for attacking our morning.  Not to be.  No sooner than we had gotten out the friendship bread, a big truck pulled up behind us.  We couldn’t park there as they were about to cut down a tree.  Back in the car.  Our morning began without playing in the park or a strategy.

Normally excelling at flying by the seat of my pants, I was unfazed.  We started with a quick trip to Walgreen’s to compare some prices on allergy meds.  Mem has been sneezing and sneezing.  The prescription Bub takes for allergies/asthma keeps getting more and more expensive.  I was hoping to try some over the counter for both boys.  Hoping one would give Mem a break from the tissue box. Hoping something would help Bub feel good for less cash.  We picked up a few things for our mission trip to Nebraska.

Well, I was trying to put off purchasing anything refrigerated until very last.  We were thinking of things we would need for the mission trip.  Next thing you know we were headed to TJ Max checking to see if they had any shorts… But, then, TJ Max didn’t open for 30 minutes… We decided to kill a little time at Target…  (This could be where a plan would have come in handy.)

We walked out of Target an hour later and over $50 lighter.  And still went back to the promised TJ Max!  Of course both kids found tons of things they needed.  I settled on a pair of shorts each.  (I was too tired to try mine on though, and they’ll have to go back.)

After two stops at grocery stores we were back at the park to grab Bub and head home.  I am proud that I didn’t give in to the pleas to stop for fast food lunch!  We went home for sandwiches and salad and pasta.  The kids commented that this was a better lunch than McDonald’s would have been.  Score a small victory for me!


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