Ice Cream and Dirt

Today started just as early as yesterday.  Ugh.  It also ended very late.  Ugh.

After dropping Bub and baseball we came home to work on Sissy’s bedroom.  It was terribly messy and we have company staying with us for a few nights.  We worked hard and finished most of it.  She was excited that she found over $5 while cleaning! I only found 3 loads of laundry!

This afternoon we learned that the flooding along the Missouri River has cancelled our Mission Trip to Nebraska.  I was broken hearted.  Perhaps the trip will simply be postponed…

The evening marked the arrival of A and F!  We have been waiting and waiting for this day since their parents asked us months ago.  The girls were only here a few minutes before we were loaded in the car on our way to pick up Sis from cheerleading.  I heard that today is Chocolate Ice Cream Day, so we stopped at a new ice cream shop to celebrate.  Sis and I honored the day by ordering chocolate. A opted for strawberry.  Mem and F went for rainbow swirled Super Man ice cream.  F took one lick and wanted something else.  I ended up knocking her ice cream off the cone in the parking lot.  While she happily crunched her cone, the rest of us scarfed our ice cream on the way to Bub’s baseball game.

One step out of the car and F was in love…..with. the. dirt.  Within seconds I resigned myself the inevitability of late night showers and let them run around barefoot in the dirt all night!  I did at least give them bubbles to play with… One minor skinned toe and lots of dirt later these were the feet that headed to the car.

It took way too long to get these kids clean, snacked, settled and in bed.  Everyone better sleep late in the morning!


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  1. rejoiceandbeglad

    Enjoy your time and give F a huge hug from me!!

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