Summer Chronicles Day 12

Here’s a play-by-play of today.

The morning consisted of a few loads of laundry, loading and unloading a dishwasher, friendship bread for breakfast, a clean front porch and a trip to the pharmacy.

The afternoon was lunch, a clean dining room, bread baked and a trip to the antique store.  We went to the antique store (more like a flea market) for new dining room chairs.  After wandering through several times we left $40 poorer and owners of a sweet little desk and chair for Mem and a rocking chair for the porch.

Sissy in our new rocking chair

Memmy creating at his new desk

Dinner was a summer gathering/planning meeting at some friends’ house – with a pool!  The kids had fun playing together while the adults planned a trip.

Here’s the list of things I need to get together for the trip.  See if you can guess where we are going.

  • air mattresses/pump and bedding
  • clothes for 9 days
  • shower supplies including flip flops
  • towels and swimwear
  • sunscreen and bug spray
  • water and snacks in cooler
  • laptop and DVDs
  • jump ropes, soccer ball, basket ball
  • drawing supplies
  • DS and charger
  • flashlights with batteries
  • first aid kit/medications
  • umbrella
  • camera
  • plenty of cash
  • books to read
  • Bible

And, it’s not camping….well, not really.  It’s Nebraska!


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