Around here we don’t have “Spring Cleaning.”  We have Summer Cleaning!  As soon as school is out, my goal is to find floors previously hidden by toys, clothes, dirt…  I’m making my way through the house, room by room.  As I go each day the maintenance rooms get a little cleaner or more organized, and new rooms get added.  Today Sissy and I attacked Memmy’s room while he was riding around in his uncle’s cool car.  I am now looking at his room, freshly washed blankets, mopped floor, organized art shelf, toys all in their places.  Ah.  Sissy spent quite a bit of time working on his art supplies.  They look almost as beautiful as the creations he makes with them.

Plus, I bought myself this mop.

I LOVE it!!  I never thought that I would actually ask to buy a mop.  I usually prefer to just scrub the floor with a bucket and a rag, but this mop is awesome.  My floors feel and look so much cleaner.  It’s really not normal how happy I am to have this mop…  Hopefully our home will continue to get cleaner this weekend.



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