It Takes a Village

"Cousins" - E, Memmy, M, Sissy

Day 9 of the summer chronicles reminded me how blessed we are to have good friends.  All those sayings about friends being the family you choose are true.  We have a few families that are our friends or is it friends that have become family?  These are the people who prompt questions like “Is she our cousin?” or “Who is Aunt Beth’s sister – you or Dad?”

Memmy and Sissy began the day hanging at “Aunt Pam’s” with her daughters.  She was kind enough to spend the day with them so I could have my hair done in peace (ahhhh!) and go to school to finish up some work (ugh).  Both are things that would have taken much longer and been exhausting to try to accomplish with frustrated little people!  They were so excited to spend the day with A and F that they didn’t even look up to tell me good-bye.  When I arrived to pick them up, I found them playing in the sprinkler and begging to stay longer.  Summer is great!

We left Pam’s to pick up more good friends.  First we stopped to get E so he didn’t have to suffer through his big sister’s recital.  Then we stopped by to grab M to take her to cheer with Sissy.  I dropped the girls off at cheer before the boys and I went on a newspaper hunt.  We enjoyed our time without the big girls at Barnes and Noble, stopped at a few gas stations.  The boys had their own picnic in the car as we drove!  By the time we had a paper it was time to go back and get the girls.

At home, they all played in the sprinkler while I made something to eat.  It was great to cook in the kitchen and hear them all giggling and laughing in the back yard.  I listened to them play thinking it definitely takes a village to raise children.  I am lucky to have great friends who support me.  I am thankful to be able to help others.

Before dinner Mem summed it up better than I could have. His prayer:

Thank you God for food without bacteria and all the people at our table.  Our friends and our family. 


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  1. rejoiceandbeglad

    I love this!

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