Today (Day 5 of Summer) we went SHOPPING!  One of the fun things about summer is the time to shop and shop well!  We had a blast at Old Navy yesterday going through the clearance.  Today I stopped in to take a few things back and pick up some things for Darling Husband.  Of course, he picked out the one thing that wasn’t on sale!

Sissy talked me into stopping at Justice for a swimming suit – and ended up with two! I am such a sucker when it comes to shopping with her.  I rationalized this big purchase with the fact that I haven’t bought her a swimsuit since 2008…she doesn’t grow the fastest…and, one advantage to buying 2 piece swimming suits.

After the mall we came home for barbecue lunch.  Mmmm.  Darling Husband bought some fundraiser meat from a buddy at work and we have really enjoyed it!  After lunch and a little picking up, Sissy and I went out shopping again!

This time we went with a friend to get some deals.  We’ve discovered smart shopping at our house this summer.  Usually I am in such a hurry at the store I grab the easiest/closest/fastest item and bust.  With the slower pace of summer (and the time to spend money on fun things like water parks, movies, and day trips) comes the need and ability to shop a little smarter.  We have had so much fun looking through the ads and clipping coupons and price matching at Walmart!  Sissy and I have made it our mission to shop smart and we are succeeding.  We had a blast digging through clearance aisles at Walgreen’s and Hobby Lobby Saturday evening.  We barely made it home for dinner!


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