Riding the Storm Out

Turns out we didn’t soak up too much sun on Day 2 of summer. 

We drove to the city for Sissy’s doctor’s appointment.  Usually after city appointments we go to the zoo.  This time Mem and Sis were hoping for a trip to the mall. 

 The tornado warnings changed the plans.  After a quick trip to Trader Joe’s we set off for home.  As the warnings got closer and the sky got blacker I was worried we might need to live on the snacks we grabbed at Trader Joe’s!  At one point I gave the “If I say get out of this car and lay in the ditch, do it fast” speech.

We got home in time to gather some things together before the storm sirens were blaring.  The rest of our evening looked like this.

After a little while in the basement, the storm passed without event.  I was thankful to get to go back upstairs.  Mem and Sis were begging to spend the night in the basement!



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2 responses to “Riding the Storm Out

  1. bobbyclubbs

    Sis looks prepared. Mem looks bored. What was he doing to occupy himself?

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