80 Days

We don’t plan to go around the world…but today kicked off summer break!  We have 80 wonderful days before I have to go back to work…. sort of….  There are several meetings I have to go to over the summer, but that is not stopping us from soaking up as much sun as we can.  Today was a good day.

We slept in a little bit, but made it to school by 9:00 to finish up some inventory and packing.  We took an hour for lunch and still left earlier than usual.  Even though we spent the day at school, it felt like vacation having the kids with me.  They had fun drawing pictures and playing outside.  They did spend lots of time helping me sort through tons and tons and tons of art supplies.  The packing is complete and it felt good to accomplish a big task together on our first day of summer. 

The evening was beautiful and Memmy was able to play his tee-ball game.  It has been very rainy lately so they played on a school field with grass.  They could barely find the bases, but they had fun playing together.  Memmy was excited that some of his buddies were on the other team.  They looked like big leaguers out there chatting with each other as runners hung out on bases! 

After some bbq sandwiches, Memmy and I went for a long walk through town.  We walked almost a mile and a half! I had to work to keep up with him.  After a movie, some laundry, and showers, the younger kids are in bed. 

I love that I am going to bed late knowing that I can sleep until the kids wake up in the morning! Hello SUMMER!


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