Memmy’s Love Lists

For Valentine’s Day Memmy’s teacher had him make a list of what he loves.  He came home proud of his list, but frustrated that she wouldn’t let him make another column.  Thus began the many many lists of love over the next few weeks.  Yesterday when I cleaned out my desk I found two to share.

This is the original one that came home from school:

  1. My mom.
  2. My dad.
  3. Bubby.
  4. Sissy.
  5. My pets.
  6. My granparin’s.
  7. My frins.
  8. God and Jessus.

Here was a longer one he made on his own:

  1. Mom.
  2. dad.
  3. God.
  4. Cussins.
  5. Eemoll.
  6. pollpoll.
  7. Hershy.
  8. litninge.
  9. my fish.
  10. Jessus.
  11. Sparkle.
  12. Sissy.
  13. Bubby.

I did remain true to his capitalization, spelling and punctuation.  So much of his little personality in these lists.  I wish I could find the super long one where he listed every cousin by name.  Then listed every fish my name.  Just so happens we have 7 tetra all named America because, “you can’t tell which is which, you know.” and “Hey, they are red, white and blue.”

Memmy, you are on my “Love List” with big bold letters!


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