Great Things?

What was great about today?  Nothing, really.  Yet, that is what made it a wonderful day.  Here’s a rundown of what we did today, in no particular order (because having to remember everything in order would definitely take away from the greatness of the day)!

  • sleeping late
  • going to church
  • Bagel Bites for supper
  • winning a copy of MegaMind
  • popcorn
  • jumping on the trampoline
  • everyone going to bed clean
  • with a moderately clean house
  • 3 completed loads of laundry
  • spicy deer sausage
  • Words with Friends
  • shoes and belts and pants bought for my boys to look good in a wedding
  • blogs read
  • facebook checked
  • pretty flowers on the table
  • sunshine
  • new tennis shoes
  • desk drawer cleaned out
  • plenty of cuddles on the couch

Yes, it was Great Day!


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