Catching UP

Catching up from being sick has been almost as exhausting as being sick.  I am incredibly grateful for my health and hope it is years and years and years before I am ever sick again.  The laundry is still piled and I am still tired!

Sissy had a cheerleading competition today and placed FIRST!  Since her team has placed last of almost last at every competition to date, this first place was well loved!  I so wish I could have recorded the sound of their awed screams of joy when they announced the second place team.  I could see Sissy’s face and I will never forget how happy she looked!  She puts LOTS of energy and effort into cheerleading.  I am ecstatic (and relieved) to see all that hard work finally pay off.

Right now she is relaxing and watching HGTV.  I think it is funny what two sick days together has caused.  I am walking around singing Selena Gomez and DVR-ing House of Annubis on TeenNick and she is watching HGTV.  A little time together has broadened both of our horizons!

I have GOT to start taking my camera with me places.  I failed to take a single photo of Sissy at the competition today. Ugh.  At least I am making an effort to write these memories down….baby steps!


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