I’m a crummy blogger.  I don’t do it regularly.  I don’t have much to say.  I don’t have much time to say what little I do have to say.  My new strategy:  just journal.  at least once a week.  sometimes with a photo.  We shall see.  It is a new year after all.  I am generally an unrealistic optimistic person, so I think I can do it.  The original plan was simply to keep my mom updated on my life as a mom.  A journal will do.

I am especially crummy today.  I stayed home from work.  a sick day.  for me.  I had my gall bladder removed when Memmy was 2.  I took weeks of sick days then.  I took maternity leave.  Otherwise, I can’t think of a time when I actually called in sick for a whole day just because I was sick.  That was my thinking last night when I called it to work to tell them I wouldn’t be in.  Turns out, it wasn’t really that way since Sissy ended up having a fever and staying home with me.  We took turns on the couch.

I’ve learned a few things on this sick day experience.

1) The world ends when Mom is sick.  The laundry is piled.  There is a piece of paper beside the dining room table that needs to go in the trash that has been there for over 24 hours.  We have eaten lots of reheated food.  and snack food.  and called them meals.  The kids have watched a LOT of TV.  a whole lot.  and I’ve completely endorsed it.

2)The world doesn’t end when Mom is sick.  Bubby and Memmy managed to feed themselves.  Bubby really stepped up and helped Mem with a “poopy” situation.  literally.  People other than me can (and do) let the dog out.  and back in.  Daddy came home from work and left again for the late night pharmacy.  And, came home just in time to get the little kids into bed.

3)That “nighttime preparation for the morning routine” I have going makes a big difference.  I wasn’t able to help Memmy get his clothes laid out.  I didn’t get lunches packed.  Memmy did make it to school.  at 9:15.  I didn’t have the energy to fight with him hurry him along.  The beauty of being a school teacher is knowing that waking up slowly and getting dressed and ready without stress is a fine trade for a little over an hour of kindergarten.  It is nice to know that all that work I do at night does pay off.  I’m not sure I would keep my job long if I made a habit of getting to work an hour and a half late.

4)I love my bed.

5)My family is a great team.  I am proud of the way this crazy bunch pulled it together (after only one “I’m Disappointed in You Fighting when I Feel Crummy” speech to the boys) and stayed happy and safe while Mama parented sleepily from the couch.  Thanks especially to Bubby who brought me water and Ibuprofen and helped Memmy in the bathroom and played the Wii with Memmy and fed Memmy and answered the phone and came quickly (and without attitude) when I texted him so I wouldn’t have to yell and hurt my throat.  Thanks, Dude.  I love you.


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