I don’t want to forget

This morning I woke up with a sweet little blonde head cuddled up to me.  Mem begs to sleep in our bed almost every night.  He’s not the easiest to sleep with even though we have a big bed.  At one point last night I dreampt that I was driving a car and he was kicking me out of the seat and I couldn’t slow down and I was going to get a ticket.  Hmmm.  That freaky dream illustrates the point that Memmy is a mover.  It’s not so much that he kicks, but that he actually likes to sleep with you.  Cuddled up to you.  With a leg over your belly or an arm over your neck.  Or his head on your face.  Though he is sometimes tiring to sleep with, he is super sweet to wake up with.  In half-sleep he cuddles right up comfortably next to me.  Aw. 

I cherish these moments with him.  Now that I have a teenager I am aware at how fast he’ll grow.  Someday it won’t be cool to cuddle up with your Momma. 

I doubly cherish these since Mem is the youngest, the only one I’ve seen pitiful in a hospital PICU bed, the only one who actually cuddles. 

When Bubby was little I would have done anything to get him to sleep.  He didn’t sleep any better with me as without me.  And with me, neither of us could sleep since he kicked and kicked and kicked! 

Sissy is the total opposite.  She prefers her space.  When she sleeps in my bed I don’t even know she is there.  She stays far on the other side and doesn’t move much at all.  When she was very small, you could hold her and rock her and she wouldn’t settle down until you put her down.  Little Miss Independent!

It always amazes me how different these three little (and not so little) people that call me “Mom” can be!


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