I really thought that my new “Stay-at-Home-Mom” status this summer would free up tons of time for blogging.  Close to the beginning of summer I made a long list of stories I would write when I had time to download photos to accompany them.  I may still write those stories and I may not.

I’ve wondered why it has turned out this way.  This drought of blogging.  It’s not like we aren’t busy.  With four children, I certainly have a wealth of things to “never forget.”

I’ve decided to count my blogging drought as success instead of failure.  We’re busy.  We’re up late.  I fall into bed immediately after the kids.  I don’t wake up until I hear them.  No one is taking afternoon naps.  We’re loving summer.  The screen time in my house is super low for everyone – even me.  Especially me.  Summer is calling and we have been answering the call with friends, outside, by the water, with a glass of wine, in our swim suits, at the zoo, in the kitchen, with dripping popscicles, in the sprinkler, catching lightning bugs, planting flowers, eating vegetables, taking walks…

And reading.  When I decided to take up screen time again, I read some cool things.  I read a great recipe for ice cream that Memmy and I tried – twice.  I wasn’t ready to commit to a book or series, but I seem to have committed to some blogs.  I read all about The Persecuted Church on this site.  I love this blog – very real and yet extraordinary all at the same time.

I read this post by my friend Jen which closely resembles how I am feeling right now.  I loved this picture and this quote.  I read this and wondered about the doors that are opening….or closing….for us.

I’ve been reading and thinking and loving summer.  Someday I might get around to posting all those summer photos.  For now I’m going to go have a bowl of homemade strawberry ice cream.  mmmmmm….


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  1. jen

    Hey there, friend. 🙂

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