[Memmy] by [Sissy]

Mem and Sis - Summer 2009

I’ve been going through the many end-of-school-year piles in my living room foyer.  I found two pages in Sissy’s Writing folder that are worth sharing.  I’m going to type it as she has written it – misspellings and all!

[Memmy] by [Sissy]

  1. [Memmy] is really weard!
  2. He can be nice!
  3. He eats anything!
  4. [Memmy] eats a lot of food!
  5. He is smart
  6. He can spell
  7. He can read
  8. He has blond hair
  9. He’s rotten
  10. He is crazy
  11. He is the only one in our family that has blue eyes
  12. He’s wild
  13. He’s is my little bother (not misspelled)

Sharing a Room by [Sissy]

I half to share a room with my little brother.  It’s not verey fun.  So I take one side of three qurters.  And he gets the other qurter.

I have a lot of stuff.  Plus my room is verey verey messy.  My brother [Memmy] dosen’t care.

I say he should clean his half up and I clean mine.  But thats just my point of view.  Thats how its like sharing a room.



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2 responses to “[Memmy] by [Sissy]

  1. Oh, Ilove it! So sweet and honest!

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